Keen Attention to 5G Services and Foldable Phones Leading up to KITAS 2019 is growing rapidly among users of smart devices leading up to the nation’s largest smart device exhibition KITAS 2019, in line with the launch of 5G service and foldable phones.
Some companies based in South Korea and the United States have already released foldable cases even before the release of foldable phones. This shows how the market including the related manufactures are swiftly preparing for the potential growth of the foldable phones markets.
As the 9th Smart Device Trade Show (KITAS 2019) will be held from July 11 (Thursday) to 13 (Saturday) at COEX Hall C in Samseong-dong, Seoul, ordinary smart device users are anticipated to experience and enjoy viewing a variety of smart devices including foldable cases for foldable phones.
Last year’s KITAS 2018 took place on a scale of 229 booths for exhibitors from 155 companies, drawing a total of 26,027 visitors for three-days. Among them, 8,739 domestic buyers and 86 overseas buyers participated actively in the exhibition and greatly helped domestic medium-and small-sized enterprises and start-ups in their strides for pioneering new sales routes.
KITAS 2019 added 5G-related services such as smarthome devices, and smart pay as new exhibits.
As an accompanying event, KITAS Top-10 products are to be displayed at a specially designated site in the exhibition, and were originally chosen through a series of strict procedures, about a month ago by the exhibition organizer. The holders of the KITAS Top-10 have been enjoying profound promotional effects in both domestic and abroad markets.
Free admission for any buyers and visitors who want to visit KITAS 2019 is offered after they have registered and then shared the information in their respective SNS. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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