Security Chipsets designs and provides security semiconductors. For data security and authentication, the company’s DORCA chipsets can be applied to IoT, smart cars, AI, Fintech, Block chain, PKI, smart grid, mobile devices, etc.
ALPU chipsets for illegal copy protection of electron devices can be applied to STB, CCTV, IPC, printers, etc. CC EAL5+ certified chipset is available for a smart card. In addition, based on a security chipset & a micro SD, DORCA phone and a hardware token solution for a secure communication and authentication are available.
DORCA phone solution provides top level security service with DORCA chipset. Because it is impossible to hack any data encrypted with the key generated and managed only inside the chipset. It provides secure communication service for voice, text and file. It is applicable to B2G, B2B, and B2C markets.
DORCA chipset supports a hardware token solution to accommodate 512 customers at the same time, unlike a traditional security token that supports one at a time. Thanks to its tiny size, low power consumption and low cost, DORCA chipset can be applied to any devices and applications for data security and authentication. This provides data security for IoT, smart car/grid, water metering etc. It supports authentication for Fintech and hardware tokens, etc.
ALPU chipset supports illegal copy protection of electronic devices. This is applicable to STB, IPC, Finger printer, GPS, CCTV, etc.
More than 100 million ALPU chipsets for illegal copy protection of electron devices were sold out and applied by more than 2,000 companies worldwide such as STB, CCTV, IPC, walkie-talkie, navigation, black box makers etc.
Neowine is a leading company that develops semiconductors, an essential part in today’s advanced industries. Now it manufactures line-ups of ALPU, DORCA, ENTANG, GENESIS, etc.
In particular, recently, the DORCA series, designed for IoT security, has been drawing keen attention from customers, in terms of noticeable size, less consumption of power, complete security, and swift speed. All members of Neowine are making sincere efforts to develop next-generation semiconductors, which are expected to help this world be changed into a better one. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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