Premium Wireless Presenters[INQ. NO. 1907E09] Chois Technology was established in 2001 based on, “Make a Freer World with Wireless Technology.” As a company backed by many years of accumulated know-how, it occupies the No. 1 position in the domestic wireless presenter market. Chois Technology has released its RF wireless presenter, X-Pointer, for the first time in Korea and it is admired for its superb functionality and performance. It has been exporting x-pointers to more than ten countries including the USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, and East Asian countries. It is expanding its business portfolio into medical and mobile fields, etc. by applying superior wireless technologies. Chois Technology aims to grow into a global leader in the areas of healthcare, IoT medical equipment & devices.

XPG 300Y (Wireless Presenter + Laser Pointer + Air Mouse)
Chois Technology’s XPG 300Y is a new-concept wireless presenter that can help your business grow significantly.
It has a high-performance gyro sensor that provides excellent air mouse performance. It delivers the function of an air mouse elaborately. It allows the presenter to do a complete pointing with an image of the mouse cursor – even in the presentation in an environment of LCD monitor.
Moreover, it has functions that draw greater interest among audiences – including display of custom images, enlargement of major parts, highlighting, etc.
The illumination that is eight-times brighter than the existing laser pointers enables vivid pointing even in bright indoor environments and on large screens.
The reception area of the product – reaching up to 50m – helps the presenter communicate with audiences closely while moving freely – regardless of use distance. X-Pointer XPG300Y ensures your successful presentation.

XPM170Y (Presenter with inexpensive princes, various functions, high-performance)
The company’s XPM170 is an image pointer without the function of a laser pointer from XPG 300Y. Reflecting recent presentation trends where presentations using larger LCD monitor are increasingly seen, this product adopts the strongly necessary functions such as elaborate air mouse function, perfect pointing on LCD monitor, display of custom image, and enlargement of major parts, and highlighting. Thus, this model is strongly recommended for users who seek inexpensive pointers that provide high-performance with various functions.
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