Personalized Home Fragrance Platform[INQ. NO. 1907E10] Pium Labs, Inc. is about to unveil its highly attractive, personalized home fragrance platform called Pium at the forthcoming KITAS 2019 in COEX, Seoul.
It allows a user to experience a variety of mood-boosting scents throughout the day with one connected device and scent capsules. The user can control the connected device with its mobile app and personalize home fragrance platform remotely.
The home fragrance becomes more personalized with Pium. Unlike a candle or a reed diffuser, it automatically provides different home fragrances following pre-defined schedules of each user. For example, it provides a fresh bergamot orange in the morning and lavender or cedarwood for better sleep at night.
Pium was designed to innovate the home fragrance experience. The connected device recognizes mounted scent capsules to optimize diffusing patterns and notifies a user with a new recommended fragrance list when the capsules are running low. The device is also connected to smart speakers like Alexa to control it with one’s voice. The patented scent capsule keeps the fragrance oils consistently fresh until the very last drop.
The company has recently launched smart diffuser in the United States. It is a Techstars Comcast alumni and successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign in August 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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