Office Desk-terior Accessories[INQ. NO. 1908E01] BROS & COMPANY believes design impacts all our lives in ways both subtle and overt. From our daily cell phones to the complicated building construction, every single object is a function of design and design must be rooted in reality. We believe that great design is more than just good aesthetics. It is the way we use objects.
All the design we created has its own purpose. We truly strive to understand our customers’

needs better than any other company and lessen all unimportant opportunities. We strive to design great experiences that are simple, elegant and efficient.
The brand, “POUT,” is where we are drawing all our ideas and bring the designed products that you use frequently or daily.

Wooden Monitor Stands
The wooden monitor stand series is one of the most beloved products by POUT fans. From the standard (EYES5) to the all-in-one intermediate (EYES8), the options are varied by its usability, so consumers have a full selection to purchase.
• EYES5 – standard wooden monitor stand
• EYES6 – qi 10w wireless charging pad version; monitor stand
• EYES7 – QC3.0, 3 x 3.0 USB ports, SD, Micro SD slots hub version; monitor stand
• EYES8 – all hub and wireless charging in one version; monitor stand


Wireless Charging Mouse Pads
HANDS3 series is a qi wireless charging mouse pad series that will bring the greatest efficiency to your workspace. If you have ever had an experience of bothersome charging USBs to your devices, plugging and unplugging, the HANDS3 series will give you the best solution. HANDS3 series also comes with four different options:
• HANDS3 – 5w normal qi wireless charging mouse pad
• HANDS3 PRO – 10w fast qi wireless charging mouse pad
• HANDS3 PRO Combo – wirelessly rechargeable mouse + mouse pad combo set
• HANDS3 SPLIT – separable 15w wireless charging mouse pad

BROS&COMPANY INC. was established in 2013 with a different business model, and after the entire total desk-terior brand POUT launched in 2017, we could expand beyond Korea’s borders a lot. Currently, we work with distributor partners in Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Ukraine. Don’t hesitate to become “the next BRO of the BROS.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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