Mobile Accessories[INQ. NO. 1908E04] Pocketin produced by Thehagee Co., Ltd. is a new type of mobile accessory designed in order to use mobile phones more conveniently and usefully. It is an all-in-one product intended to be fully applicable to all kinds of mobile phones.
This wallet-type product is designed based on the concept of “Smallest wallet in the world.” It has a compact size so the user can carry it easily and conveniently and can be recharged wirelessly.
Moreover, the user can hold it up easily only by using a finger by inserting band in the middle of it, so the user can be free of the breakage of their mobile phones by dropping of their mobile phones mistakenly. Also this band adds a function for a mobile phones standing, so user can stand their mobile phone up when watching moving images such as YouTube, movies, etc.
Also, by using a gel type of special adhesive, this product can be attached and detached more times. If dust is spotted on it, re-use is possible by washing it.
When it is detached, no residue remains at all.
In particular, it has strong adhesiveness, enough to support an iPad.
Thehagee, together with Pocketin, is producing various kinds of mobile accessories such as 3D plus armor-tempered glass, tempered glass case, go-flex armor silicon case, etc.
This company is exporting those products not only to the local market but also to 19 other countries including the United States, as well as nations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
In addition, the company seeks to elevate its own brand by continuously participating in overseas exhibitions including CES in the USA, IFA in Germany, GITEX in the UAE, etc.
Thehagee Co.,Ltd. recently presented its new-concept of mobile accessory Pocketin, an all-in-one product of card receipt, mobile phone ring, etc., at the upcoming ninth smart device show KITAS 2019 in COEX, Seoul, over a period of three days (July 11 to July 13). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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