Optimal EMI/Thermal Solutions

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySurface-Mounted Foam Gasket
[INQ. NO. 1908E05] The Surface-Mounted Foam Gasket (SMF) is one of grounding gaskets available to be mounted on the PCB automatically (SMT), composed of heat-resisting foam and smooth alloy foil wrapped over. The SMF has a superior heat resistance, electrical conductivity and restoration. It has passed the salt-water test. Efficient mass-production by using SMT equipment is possible. It is a UL94V-0 certified flame-retardant and halogen-free product.

EMI Suppression Sheet (Absorbing Sheet)
Absorber is used to reduce overlap and interference of the radio waves due to noise (For EMI solution) or prevent the interference of the antenna (For NFC, RFID) by attenuating the reflection or transmission of electromagnetic waves. This product has excellent noise attenuation with high permeability. It has excellent flexibility and is easy to shape processing.
It can improve productivity with a roll type compared with a sheet type. It is intended for EMI solution and NFC/RFID. It features ultra-thin thickness and can be used in a narrow space (SRA410). Its heat resistance is good enough to withstand SMT process (SRA617).

Thermal Foam Gasket
Thermal Foam Gasket is a new concept of thermal solution. It has excellent thermal conductivity performance. It features excellent heat resistance and cushioning. It is easy to produce various sizes. No noise and particles are generated by the graphite.

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