Gas Sensor & Infrared Sensor[INQ. NO. 1909E44] WISE CONTROL Inc. has been pursuing technological innovation and best quality in the field of industrial measurement instruments for 50 years, and is growing into a global company with around 60 domestic and overseas agents. It commercialized the gas sensor and infrared sensor by concentrating on development of the MEMS sensor since 2003.
The company is striving for product design and quality improvement demanded by customers based on accumulated technological know-how. WISE CONTROL also continues to take on new, interesting challenges so as to impress its customers by continuously developing mutually rewarding relationships with them. It is recently advancing into the Chinese market through the KOTRA branch project, and continuously tapping into overseas markets.
The company’s so-called WISE (GAM) sensors are the world’s smallest, lowest-power, and most intelligent sensors designed for portable or wearable and IoT environments. It will provide you with the best solutions in areas such as mobile, home & factory automation, security, home appliances, car, fire monitoring, industrial temperature and gas leakage monitoring.
And its gas sensors are used in adverse conditions, such as petrochemical plants, and their durability has been verified. And with built-in ROIC, you can intelligently apply settings suitable for your environment that can be used in a variety of places.
The company’s MEMS gas sensor TED110 is an oxide-type gas sensor optimized for detecting harmful gases using metaloxide nanoparticles. Its advantages include ultra-small SMD packaging (3 x 3 x 1 mm with ROIC), self-temperature compensation, long-term stability, high sensitivity, fast-response speed, and low power-consumption (<15mW).

This is applicable for air pollution monitoring systems, air quality measurement (rooms, vehicles, parking, etc.), air purification systems (homes, classrooms, factories, offices, etc.), and household appliances (air conditioners, hoods, air purifiers, and boilers).
The company’s MEMS infrared sensor AIR111 is a thermopile-type infrared sensor that has excellent sensitivity because it is composed of 2D nano-materials (transient metal dechalcogenides). Infrared sensors can be used for motion detection or temperature measurement applications.
Its advantages include ultra-small SMD packing (with ROIC 2.3 x 3.4 x 1.2 mm), continuous temperature monitoring, real-time motion detection, self-temperature compensation, long-term stability, high sensitivity, fast response speed, and low power consumption. This is fully applicable for non-contact infrared thermometers (ear thermometers), security systems (real-time motion detection), smartphone sensors, optical gas sensors (NDIR), and home appliances (dryers, microwave ovens, etc.). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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