Battery Management Solutions – Battery Monitoring System
[INQ. NO. 1909E45] WATON real-time battery monitoring systems allow full protection and confidence against faults such as battery failures.
Ohmic resistance and voltage measurements (per jar) are taken as often as every five minutes. String current, DC voltage, and temperature are measured in real-time.
Ohmic resistance results indicate the condition and state-of-health of the battery, and reveal any weaknesses in cells & intercell conditions without stressing the battery.
Cell and string voltage results can indicate if the battery is fully charged or if there are problems with the battery or charger.
Stable temperature results indicate a proper operating environment, while high recorded temperatures can be a sign of thermal runaway.
These measured parameters will provide the user a real-time understanding of their batteries’ state-of-health.

IBEX – Battery Quality Tester
IBEX is a cutting-edge digital battery tester meeting all IEEE std. recommendations for all the stationary applications such as telecommunication’s backup power, utility switching power, UPS, etc.
IBEX measures internal ohmic resistance, voltage, temperature with the world’s first ripple-removing algorithm (USA patent: US 7,567,085B2) during floating charge.
It meets the requirements of IEEE Std. 1188-1996 and 2005 “Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing and Replacement for stationary applications.”
IBEX has a built-in type automatic measuring algorithm consisted of Normal (less than 3 seconds for measurement), Fine, and Automatic. It automatically measures and stores data by sending probes to the battery posts. Thus, it can measure a lot of cells in a short while.
IBEX can manage the measuring data of batteries in 15~30 different types of bank strings and it enables effective data management, data transfer to PCs and easy database operations.
IBEX is the world’s first compact and lightweight tester (One-hand hold size), so it is advantageous for on-the-road measurement.
To make it more user friendly, most of its menu items are displayed in the form of icons so that even a beginner can use it easily. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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