Commercial Refrigerators[INQ. NO. 1909E46] Unique Daesung Co., Ltd., which was established in 1985, is a company that is specialized in manufacturing commercial refrigerators. As a top-notch manufacturer, it provides its products to locally renowned food suppliers, convenience stores, franchise restaurants, cafes, and so forth.
The indirect cooling system adopted by Unique Daesung’s commercial refrigerators is a method through which cool air is forced to be emitted by a fan installed in a cooler. As the system provides constant temperature distribution inside a fridge, the cooling velocity is fast. Furthermore, it does not create frost inside a freezer, thus making it clean and easy to use.
In addition, the direct cooling system with a cooling coil embedded in the panel is the most widely used method in Korea. As many products can be stored, the system has practically outstanding merits in its utilization.
The digital thermostat temperature controller is even more convenient to use thanks to its beautiful and ergonomic design and display that specifically shows the functions and controlling status.
By applying the best stainless steel that is very strong and rust-free, stored food can be kept fresh and for long periods in a sanitary way.
Compared with ordinary incandescent lightening, the high-efficiency LED lightening emits lower heat, has better energy efficiency and has a lower effect on changing temperature inside a refrigerator. In addition, it is also outstanding in luminous intensity, brightly illuminating every corner without shades.
The high-density polyurethane, which has excellent heat insulation properties, minimizes internal and external thermal losses, and reduces unnecessary power consumption.
The high-performance and high-efficiency compressor and fan motor, which the company has adopted for optimized cooling performance, strengthen the durability of the compressor, a core part of a refrigerator, and swiftly supply cool air whenever it is needed inside a refrigerator, enabling users to make more efficient use of their refrigerators. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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