Leisure Power (Power Bank)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909E47] Leisure Power is a product that enables daily household appliances to be used even in environments where electricity supply is difficult. Using the embedded lithium-ion battery, Leisure Power supports AC/DC power output. Therefore, this product can be used for various outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, mountain climbing, and emergency situations that require power supply.
Electrical output port consists of AC220V 1port (max.220W)/110V (max.220W), DC12V 3Port (max.3A), and USB5V 2Port (total.3A).
The AC power provided by Leisure Power provides current of quality that is as clean as that used in homes by applying the Pure-Sine Wave. Therefore, this product ensures safe use of household appliances without any damage in the open air.
Leisure Power provides the DC power to three of DC12V and two of USB5V, enhancing the usability for various devices.
In addition, a protection circuit is applied to each power port in preparation for potential safety accidents.
There are two charging methods: Indoor charging using an AC charging adapter and outdoor charging using a solar panel. Due to charging using Leisure Power’s own adaptor and the solar panel, the large-capacity battery can be charged efficiently.
In addition, unlike the products of other companies, as the solar charge controller is built into the main body of Leisure Power, charging can be done easily only with the solar panel. The solar panel can be folded and opened in the form of a bag so that is can be less vulnerable to damage and is easy to carry.
Leisure Power’s Li-ion battery is safely managed by applying Battery Management System (BMS). In addition, the product has secured its safety and reliability by acquiring KC/CE Certifications.
EDS Corp. hopes that customers enjoy newer experience and value in their daily lives through using the product.

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