Automatic Door Operator[INQ. NO. 1909E51] Automatic door operator is a device that automatically opens and closes a door by sensing people and can be used mainly for building entrances.
This door operator is equipped with a power supply unit of SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) based on a 32 bit Micro Process Controller, an electrical lockout system that utilizes a high efficiency motor and functions of self-diagnosis, self-circuit-protection and self-obstacle-sensing when initially setting it up, making it possible to be used in many ways and environments.
Depending on door conditions and installation environments, a user can select one out of 120W/90W DC motor, BLDC motor, or others. And, depending on door types and weights, a user can select the most suitable model out of the operators for heavy doors, telescopic doors, swing doors or interior doors.

Semi-automatic door operator
Semi-automatic door operator is a device that automatically closes a door without an electrical apparatus and can be used mainly for hospital ward doors, classroom doors, indoor entrances, and so forth.
Thanks to the air cylinder brake and oil brake ASM systems, it is able to secure safety when closing a door and to reduce cooling/heating costs by keeping a door closed at all times, while having a function of leaving a door open continuously.
Depending on door weights, a user can select one out of the operators for up to 120kg, up to 80kg or up to 60kg. And, depending on installation environments, unnecessary costs could be saved as some of the operators can be attached directly onto the wall without installing additional door frames.
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