Toxic Gas Air Purifier[INQ. NO. 1909E50] CHEONGWOO C&T Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing toxic gas purifiers that purify and discharge toxic gases generated in laboratories, development rooms, hospitals, and soldering workshops, and produces and supplies the products in state-of-the-art facilities by establishing smart plants.
The toxic gas purifier of CHEONGWOO C&T effectively purifies, removes and discharges the toxic gas generated from soldering, painting work (3D printers, paints and sprays of figures, etc.), nail shops and small workshops.
The compact size of main body is 280*210*280mm (width*length*height) with the weight of 6kg, and this product is easy to use on a table in a small workplace. Its generating noise is ≤55dB and the airflow is 150CMH.
This product has minimized the vibration and power consumption by using the BLDC motor with low noise. With the capacitive touch PCB type, this product has minimized errors and can be operated easily.
The filter structure consists of four stages: The first stage is the antibacterial pre-filter removing dust of 10µm or larger and inhibiting mold growth; the second stage is the ceramic honeycomb filter removing poison gas, odor, heavy metal, ozone; the third stage is the impregnated activated carbon removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and the fourth stage is a sterile HEPA filter capable of removing more than 99.97% of 0.3μm particulates.
Carbon filters made by ceramics method are far more efficient at removing harmful gases than the filters made of activated carbon only. In addition, it is possible to directly set and use the filter replacement cycle, and the filter can be replaced easily and simply.
This product is recognized for its high technology and quality and has received CE and FCC certifications as well as KC certification. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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