LED Mask & Non-invasive Body Contouring System

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[INQ. NO. 1909E49] GTG Wellness’s LED mask Opera Lebody is for for homecare. Customers can get LED light therapy at home, like they would in a salon. Opera Lebody is composed of Face mask and Neck mask, and these separate devices provide either separate care or simultaneous care for the face and neck.
Dom-type wide volume LEDs increase the volume of light and do not miss anywhere. There are 156 pcs of LED in Face mask and 72 pcs of LED in the neck, making a total of 228 pcs of LED, filling the LED volume light from neck to face. The lightweight and flexible design allow a comfortable fit and free use in daily life.
Opera Lebody emits red light and near infrared light simultaneously. Red light (630nm) improves elasticity through activation of skin fibroblast and Near Infrared (845nm) penetrates deeper into the skin and activates the skin cells.
There are clinically proven effects of Opera Lebody. As for the face part, it is confirmed improvement in skin brightness, curved skin texture, skin elasticity, skin moisturizing, and skin density. As for the neck, there is confirmed improvement in curved skin texture, and elasticity of the neck.

Non-invasive Body Contouring System
GTG Wellness’s non-invasive body contouring system Le-Shape works by passing 1060-nm diode laser light through the skin to achieve target temperatures of 42 to 47 degrees Celsius with four handpieces.
The 42 to 47 degrees Celsius temperature is not a coagulation point, but rather an apoptosis mechanism that is a temperature that shocks the fat cells, causing them to die within a few weeks.
Le-shape can reduce fat noninvasively by disrupting subcutaneous fat cells, and features a flexible applicator system to treat multiple anatomical areas of the body. Moreover, the 25-minute procedure is well tolerated among patients, with no downtime required.
This practical system allows for treatment of multiple body sites that can be customized for a particular patient’s needs.
Patients are able to achieve desired results without downtime or surgery since Le-Shape is a non-invasive system with superior contact cooling for prevention of skin damage.

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