Endodontic & Resin Composites, Dental Products


[INQ. NO. 1909E59] Diadent Inc., established in 1985, is a company that manufactures the best quality endodontic treatment products accredited by dental experts, consumables, relevant small devices and other related products for dental practices.
As a world-renowned manufacturer of endodontic products, Diadent is exporting to some 900 dealers from 127 countries around the world beyond the domestic market.
Diadent is expanding its products ranging from endodontic products led by Gutta Percha Points and Paper Points, to relevant equipment and small devices, and recent chemical products – to encompass overall products used in the dental industry. Thanks to the excellence and innovative designs of such distinguished products, the company is recognized as the best Korean manufacturer in the dental sector.
Diadent’s Gutta Percha Points and Paper Points, ranked No. 1 in global market share, boast the best accuracy by setting their allowable errors at 0.029mm, half of 0.5mm which is the international standard for allowable errors. Thanks to each of the points with millimeters marked, they provide fast and convenient dental practice and accuracy. Furthermore, Diadent’s Paper Points also boasts the best absorptive power as it is made from high-quality materials.
As for chemical products, Diadent is manufacturing and exporting all composites (Nano hybrid composite resin, flowable resin, 37% Etching gel and Bonding agent) that are necessary for dental treatments; and it is also exporting calcium hydroxide filling materials, root canal sealers and other chemical products to the global market.
All of Diadent’s products are manufactured and managed in accordance with various nations’ import standards by obtaining certifications from CE, MFDS, Health Canada, FDA, ISO 13485, KGMP, Japan, etc.
In addition, Diadent is providing the best-quality products by carrying out strict quality-management and continuous research and development.

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