Shine Flip Phone[INQ. NO. 1909E60] ATLab Inc. is an assistive technology company that develops app-based solutions for the visually impaired.
ATLab is known to many of the visually impaired around the world as a company that has developed a mobile screen reader called ‘ShinePlus,’ which is a solution that reads out contents on a smartphone’s screen and magnifies them into large letters.
Based on ShinePlus, the company has developed various applied products with outstanding usability and performance. Shine Flip Phone, which is the main product of the company, is smartphone dedicated for the visually impaired. It was launched as a global version (in 23 languages) in cooperation with SK Telecom at MWC19 held in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2019.
‘Shine Flip Phone’ is smartphone software that runs in a keypad-attached flip phone type which the visually impaired familiarly used in the past. ‘Shine Flip Phone’ can execute all applications, websites, dials and others with preferred shortcut keys. And, it offers very easy-to-use voice input and secretary functions as well.
Under the name of ‘Sunrise Phone,’ it is supplied to the visually impaired in Korea. And, the phone has a number of rehabilitation applications (Shine Tools) as its features.
If your company is interested in our product, it can pursue mutually rewarding business together. Our company is seeking organizations or companies that understand lives of the visually impaired and assistive technology in their regions.
ATLab can provide ‘Shine Flip Phone’ solutions for them after customizing and renaming it to fit in the smartphone (flip-phone type) distributed in their markets. In other words, while our company provides a customized solution to the local market, the local partner takes responsibility for the distribution.
Your interest will provide innovative opportunities for the visually impaired and seniors to have access to information (Video: | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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