TDP System(Total Dentozone Plasma System)[INQ. NO. 1909E61] Dentozone Corp. has continued to develop products used for dental water quality management and water-borne infection control and to conduct researches to build up know-how on dental water quality management for 20 years.
Long and thin tubes of dental unit-chairs are hard to directly clean and wash out at dental clinics and are structured to create biofilms due to discharges from patients’ mouths.
Dentozone Corp. has developed the one and only TDP that is totally chemical-free and harmless to patients, washing away concerns over the possibility of unidentified iatrogenic infections originated from dental water coming out of bloody treatments
When conducting bloody treatments including third molar extraction, osteoplasty or gingivoplasty, it increases dental-care efficiency as dentists can use high-speed handpieces safely.
Dentozone’s plasma technology destroys biofilms without any chemical additives and controls water from hand pieces, 3-way syringes, scalers and auto-cups based on quality standards for potable water. It is an eco-friendly and safe sterilization method as such dental water returns to its natural state after undergoing the sterilization process.
In addition, plasma-sterilized water supplied on a real-time basis is controlled by ultra-low-volume sensors for every single drop of water to be safely used.
For now, the evaluation standard on the management of dental water from medical institutions set by the Ministry of Health and Welfare is 100CFU/ml. And, Dentozone’s TDP is in accordance with the evaluation standard.
Dentozone Corp., which was established in 1999 and became a top-notch company in terms of dental water control, is managing university hospitals and 3,500 dental clinics nationwide based on its customer service experience.
Together with Dentozone, your dental clinic could be certified as a ‘Secure Dental Clinic.’ | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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