RF Fingerprint Identification Security Card (SKOFY)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909E63] You probably carry several RF cards in your wallet. As the use of NFC is expanded, RF cards have already become essential in the financial security market. However, the main downside of such RF cards is financial damage caused by their physical loss or by phishing and hacking.
Therefore, SISOUL has developed a fingerprint identification card upgraded to the next level to address such downside aspects in the era of smart cards. RF cards equipped with the fingerprint identification function have already been launched in the market.
But, unlike the existing cards with batteries embedded (having limits of periodic battery charging and battery usage), SISOUL’s no-powered fingerprint identification card is designed based on energy-harvesting technology to utilize the induced current from NFC readers so that it can identify fingerprints even without batteries and be easily and swiftly used almost semi-permanently.
Unlike the previous method, SKOFY does not exchange personal information through server shares as it holds fingerprint data within SKOFY cards. As designed based on double-security authentications of NFC and the fingerprint sensor to be compatible with U2F, SKOFY can be utilized to block personal information generated through online purchases and biometric encryptions as a powerful security system later. It could also be applied to and utilized for various applications such as hardware virtual currency wallets & logins, financial cards, etc., later on.
It is compatible with existing NFC readers through simple software modifications. When used with SISOUL’s SDCP (NFC dongle), it can be used through USB connections more affordably and simply.
SISOUL’s main businesses are to supply NFC modules for companies that develop payment systems and to provide consulting services for all required NFC applications (payment, distribution management, etc.). And, its main partners and customers are MCPAY (PAYCO terminal provider), LG DISPLAY, and so forth.
SISOUL, established in 2013 as an NFC solution company, has achieved technical innovations that can be applied to security systems, payment terminals or cards by developing NFC embedded or detachable readers, card modules and relevant software, and is producing assembled payment terminals and various types of readers.
Based on such endeavors, SISOUL has been providing modules for locally-renowned NFC reader manufacturers and are now pursuing new changes with the recent no-powered fingerprint identification card.

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