3NS Kinesiology Tape

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909E64] 3NS Kinesiology Tape produced by TS Co., Ltd., a company specializing in manufacturing sports tapes, is kinesiology tape used for taping therapy to cure sports injuries and alleviate pain by helping to circulate lymphatic fluid and blood in the skin and the nervous system.
The muscle-protecting tape is used for medical and therapeutic purposes in various ways such as for protecting muscles, preventing sports injuries, treating pain, improving exercise capacity, strengthening muscular power, correcting body form and muscles and preventing secondary injuries.
TS’s 3NS Kinesiology Tape is flexible tape that is designed to have elasticity and thickness similar to the skin and muscle and is made from all-Korean raw and subsidiary materials.
In particular, the product with wave patterns imprinted uses acrylic adhesives to minimize skin irritations while increasing the adhesion.
TS, as an outstanding Korean company equipped with technical capabilities to carry out all processes from developing products to manufacturing tapes to conducting researches and to making sales, is able to produce OEM-based designs and packages.
TS is manufacturing such OEM-based tapes, roll tapes, pre-cut tapes, protective sleeve pre-cut tapes and various other products.
Through experts from its R&D team operated within its own manufacturing factory, it is working hard to continue to conduct researches on its products’ features and chemical properties and to develop new products as well.
Moreover, TS is making high-quality products to the extent of obtaining relevant certifications by meeting all the requirements of CE, FDA, KFDA, ISO13485 and ISO9001.

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