Digital Occlusal Analysis System[INQ. NO. 1909E65] DEMETEC, a professional manufacturer of dental medical equipment, has developed the dental ultrasonic surgical instrument, ultrasonic scaler, and gun-type LED curing light, and it is a technology-innovation SME whose ultrasonic scaler and ultrasonic piezo surgery were selected as world first-class products respectively by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
In 2017, it released the digital occlusal diagnostic device for the first time in Korea and established a branch office in Los Angeles, aiming to enter the North American market.

Wireless Digital Occlusal Analysis System (ACCURA)
ACCURA is a digital occlusal analysis system that can effectively identify broken fillings, sensitive teeth, inappropriate dentures, occlusal imbalance, etc. that can cause headaches using the electronic pressure sensor, ergonomic handpiece and intuitive software.
ACCURA records patients’ occlusion-related data in real time based on the excellent accuracy that cannot be reached with the articulating paper and identifies early contact points by playing back the relevant record in 2D and 3D in order to accurately locate the teeth requiring any occlusal adjustment. Through this, not only the life of the prosthesis can be prolonged, but also even the implant failure caused by occlusal problem can be prevented.

Particularly, in case of implants, failures mainly occur due to the horizontal force rather then the vertical one by the temporomandibular joint. By using ‘ACCURA’, you can make fine occlusal adjustments by finding even the horizontal force which is detrimental to the implant.
You can give an easy explanation to patients through the intuitive graph and effectively provide them with trust in the treatment by recording and keeping the occlusal data before, during and after the treatment.
By applying wireless to the handpiece, DEMETEC has eliminated line interference and the weight was also greatly reduced, minimizing the burden on handling. In particular, wireless prevents problems at source, such as repair caused by disconnection of cables.

Ultrasonic Bone Cutting Instrument (Surgystar Plus)

This is a product for cutting, drilling and grinding the bone using ultrasonic vibration, and it is used for oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as dental implants and tooth extraction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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