Automatic Toothbrush[INQ. NO. 1910E01] Unlike regular toothbrushes, Coolssha automatically applies a 45 degree brushing method recommended by dentists. A correct way to brush teeth as recommended by dentists is often referred to as the 45-degree brushing, which means cleaning the tip of the tooth and gums, the space between the teeth, the inside and outside of the teeth and the top of the molars.
In particular, it is recommended to brush your teeth by reciprocating a toothbrush and sweeping it left and right when removing plaque between teeth and gums or cleaning the space between teeth and gums.
Coolssha’s three amazing brushes help users brush teeth in the way recommended by dentists by sweeping at 45 degrees and simultaneously reciprocating. In addition, they perform four functions simultaneously by cleaning the root areas, occlusal surfaces, gums and tongue.
Coolssha’s toothbrushes adopts a wireless charging method, so it can be used semi-permanently. They can be used while taking a shower or a bath as they have obtained their IPX7 waterproof grade certificates. A PCB of Coolssha’s own development prevents the product’s excessive charging and discharging, improving stability. They have to pass 1.5 meter drop tests and prove excellent water resistance.
Coolssha’s Automatic Toothbrush has been developed for over 40 years by the Noksibcho Group, which has grown into a medical company for a healthy world including health food, cosmetic, medical devices, and nursing homes. Based on the accumulated technological know-how, the company developed with the idea that dental health has a great impact on human life.
From 15 years ago, dentists, engineering students and professional engineers have been jointly researching and developing world-class products.
Coolssha’s toothbrushes boasts of internationally patented technology of a three-way brushing method that realizes the most ideal way of reciprocating toothbrushes and brushing teeth as recommended by dentists.
All required processes from import of parts, assembly, production, packaging, to release are being made in its own factory in Korea.
In addition, the company seeks to solve various kinds of customers’ inconveniences by utilizing its own customer centers for A/S and repair centers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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