Smart EOCR / Current Predictive Maintenance Solution[INQ. NO. 1910E04] Blood flows through our bodies 24 hours. Just through the blood flow in the human body, we can easily identify myriad diseases and also predict what could possibly happen to a patient.
Likewise, ITS Co., Ltd. invented “UYeG” which can predict critical breakdowns beforehand by examining the electricity flow. It also commercialized the world’s first technology that significantly reduces energy use and gained trust from valued customers around the world.
UYeG, or IoT-EOCR overload relay module is cost-effective and can be operated without any need for a specialized technician, meaning that any worker can easily figure out how to operate it. The system enables flexible process management plans. If you recognize the failure and problem through the integrated facility monitoring system, the machine’s lifespan will be extended and the operation gets much easier, which will reduce the overall operating costs.
When an overload or a malfunction occurs, it warns the user before a serious breakdown happens, so flexible responses are possible. In addition, if the machine is efficiently managed through repair and replacement in advance before the so-called failure point, downtime is reduced accordingly.
By preventing the occurrence of mechanical failures, you can reduce the cost of plant operation and prevent the possibility of industrial accidents due to mechanical failure, thereby contributing to the creation of a safer working environment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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