Temperature Monitoring System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E03] OTMS™ is a temperature monitoring system that uses fiber optic cable as temperature sensor.
Fiber optic sensor cable can be installed over several tens of kilometers and it is suitable for temperature, fire, deterioration and leakage monitoring.
It is possible to monitor the entire sensor area at intervals of at least five seconds.
Due to the characteristics of optical fiber, there is no electromagnetic wave effect, so it is light, it is easy to install, and its service life is semi-permanent.
OTMS™ has applied the malfunction prevention method by natural phenomena and it is possible to set the reference temperature automatically during the initial operation or restart, so it is very convenient to use.
A noticeable temperature change is immediately detected and an alarm sounds, and the point of occurrence is immediately displayed on the monitor screen to enable a preemptive response before a fire occurs.
OTMS™ is suitable for wide area temperature monitoring such as high-voltage lines, transformer facilities, underground culvert, power cable trays, coal conveyor belts, chemical storage tanks, gas pipelines, motor & power facilities, reactors, high temperature & pressure vessels.
OTMS™ has been installed in domestic and overseas power plants, as well as in petrochemical and display units.
OTMS™ is a CE and ATEX certified product and is a product that acquired performance certification of Korea Small & Medium Business Administration.

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