Air-Cleaning Hand Dryer[INQ. NO. 1910E37] Hankook Towel Machine’s HTM-2305 is the world’s first air-cleaning hand dryer. Current hand dryers only dry hands in bathrooms but the HTM-2305 dryer cleans the surrounding air too.
This amazing product removes dust in a bathroom and even smells and viruses in the bathroom with plasma ion wind for time set by users (for example, 30 minutes, one hour and two hours) by switching to the air purifier mode.
An infrared LED at the bottom of the product for hygienic hand-drying, and an eco-friendly BLDC motor makes wind stronger and reduces noise from the dryer. So the product can be used in a wide array of places.
It is possible to use the motor semi-permanently so it can save users’ costs for changing motors. Customers can use the HTM-2305 product economically while using the product as it is an energy-saving product,.
Unlike conventional hand dryers, its functional triple composite filter prevents fine dust, yellow dust, and bacteria from entering the hand dryer. A round LED indicator of the product sterilizes the inside, which highlights that the product is very hygienic.
Consumers can choose hot and cold wind and wind speed (high, medium, and low) and adjust air-cleaning time and wind strength. A triple-safety device (a temperature fuse, an overcurrent fuse, an automatic stop device) guarantees safe use.
Founded in 1989, Hankook Towel Machine Co. has been developing and selling hand dryers for 30 years, and claiming the No.1 spot in the hand-dryer market in Korea. The company will spare no efforts to promote clean toilet cultures at home and abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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