Body Dryer “OZ WIND”[INQ. NO. 1910E43] Shinsung Deltatech’s new-concept Body Dryer OZ WIND is a product that dries your body with fresh and clean wind after a shower.
It is obvious that drying your body is as important as washing it for skin care.
The OZ WIND Premium model weighs 8.5 kg and measures 434 x 499 x 180 mm.
It is a small size and convenient to use in bathrooms.
The dryer features a new concept V-shaped main nozzle and a vertically rising whirlwind function based on scientific design. The nozzle and function were patented. The OZ WIND premium model not only dries your body but can be used as a scale. By using smartphone telecommunications, you can manage your BMI, body fat and muscle mass.
The product manages the condition of your body recorded every day for your health. In addition, its antibacterial scaffolding not only eliminates 99.99% of bacteria but takes care of feet with infrared LEDs.
In addition, its touch display makes it inconvenient to use the product. Another merit is that it has six filters including an intake filter and an exhaust filter. The filters block harmful dust so the dryer generates clean wind to dry your body.
Body Dryer OZ WIND will work wonderfully for those who frequently take showers, suffer from sensitive skin problems, pregnant women, senior citizens, persons with athlete’s foot or eczema.
The power consumption is 400 watts of natural wind and 1,200 watts of warm air, which consumes less power than a hair dryer. The low consumption strategy and the reduced use of towels are reasons why the body dryer Ozwind is an eco-friendly product. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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