ENDOVISION HR-chitosan Hemostatic Dressing

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E44] ENDOVISION, which leads the medical device industry with innovative products, studies, develops, and manufactures a wide range of products, including bio products, as well as spinal, orthopedic, and gynecology. We’ve recently expanded our area to 3D printing in medical device and to manufacturing cosmetics.
The goal of ENDOVISION is to create the best products and services that satisfy our customers with based on original technology and experts in each field.
Hemostasis Dressing Gauze is based on Chitosan, ENDOVISION has Patents for the material and manufacturing, and through our own technology with chemical treatment, we developed which called ‘HR-Chitosan (Hydron Reinforced Chitosan)’, it’s material Chitosan strengthened of function and performance.
‘HR-Chitosan’ has strengthened hemostasis effect with 99.9 % of anti micro-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, deodorization and has high absorb rate.

The Dressing of ‘NEXOSEAL V’ which was made from ‘HR-Chitosan’, showed powerful performance of quick bleeding control under massive hemorrhage situation and can be used during surgery, Military, Intensive care unit also effectively emergency cases. Thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial performance against super bacteria (MRSA) and various microbes 99%. It can be replaced with situations where bandages cannot be often replaced or when an external infection is concerned.

The Dressing of ‘DUAL TULIP V’ is hemostatic dressing for cervical. It could be used in cervical hemostasis after cervix biopsy, endometrial biopsy, any medical treatment.
It has much excellent function of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, humidity and deodorizing effects as well as hemostasis effect. Thanks to its 134 pieces of petal-like structure, it is easily applicable to curved and atypical biopsy and surgical sites. Also, DUAL TULIP V helps to maintain the PH balance in cervical environment.

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