Bus Validator of Automated Fare Collection System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E52] ATEC T& Co., Ltd. has been dedicated in developing and supplying various solutions for the establishment of the automated fare collection system for public transportation for the past 10 years. ATEC T& Co., Ltd. is recognized for its high technology powers and high-quality product power in the domestic and overseas market through continuous technology development and new product development in the transportation card solution field.
ATEC T& Co., Ltd. is taking a leap forward, acquiring new technology (NeT) and software quality certification (GS), and gaining recognition on their innovative technology power. ATEC T& Co., Ltd. wants to leap forward as a leader in the transportation card solution field through continuous research and development and aggressive domestic and overseas marketing, and wants to be the company that provides the best products and services in the world by providing the best products for customer satisfaction through innovative thinking, new technology and high quality service.
In addition, ATEC T& Co., Ltd. will become the No. 1 company in Korea and the world through the transportation card solution products using the RFID application products such as the automatic fare collection system, transportation fare collection system/transportation information guide system, etc. according to the introduction of the new transportation card based on RFID.
In public transportation, the bus’ automated fare collection system consists of a driver terminal (driver console) and a loading and unloading terminal (validator). The automated fare collection terminal communicates the passenger’s loading and unloading information through communication with the operation center, it provides the best service so that passengers can use the bus without any inconvenience by quickly and accurately delivering the payment details.

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