Supercapacitor[INQ. NO. 1910E53] Kochip’s flagship product, Starcap (brand name for supercapacitors from Koochip), which has been reborn as a world-class energy storage device company through ceaseless research and development is a future green energy storage device. It can store millions times more capacity than ordinary capacitors, and is an energy storage device.
Starcap supercapacitors manufactured in various shapes and capacities have different application scopes depending on their shapes and capacities. Small-capacity coin-type Starcap products, which are usually less than the 1F grade, act as auxiliary power units in storing data and maintaining a real-time clock (RTC) built in a circuit when power supply is off in mobile phones, drones, multifunction devices, portable music players, audio systems, blood glucose meters, and temperature controllers.
Starcap products with a median-capacity of the 10F to 100F grades and those with a large capacity of 200F to 1,000F grades go into power supply units of devices that need high power for a moment such as electric meters, water meters, gas meters, UPSs, vehicle recorders, automobile black boxes, electronic touch pens, urban railways, solar road signs and wind power generators.
STARCAP supercapacitors have the following merits:

The first priority is high capacity and high power. Compared with general capacitors such as Al electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors, supercap supercapacitors have a higher capacity. They have higher output than batteries and their second advantage is their safety. Their +/- electrodes are symmetrical and unlike secondary batteries, so they have no explosion risk. Third, it is possible to charge/discharge them fast by storing electric energy through the surface adsorption method. Fourth, they can be semi-permanently used as they can be charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times.
Lastly, unlike raw materials for secondary batteries (especially Li) that have limited supply and can do the environment harm, their raw material is activated carbon that is easy to supply and an eco-friendly carbon material. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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