ISC’s 5G Test Socket (Elastomer Socket)[INQ. NO. 1910E54] ISC CO., LTD. provides all the answers for5G semiconductor test solutions.
ISC is here for you as the future approaches with the era of IT, BT, Autonomous Cars, and 5G.
ISC is a leading global company aiming at rapid creation through innovation. It develops and produces test sockets needed to test semiconductor IC chips used in semiconductors, IT, BT, automobiles and various electronic parts.
As an excellent technological innovation company, ISC develops various products that are optimized according to the semiconductor package type in a short time, and provides the best solution to customers who need products of small quantity production.
The test socket is a consumable part that electrically connects the test equipment and the semiconductor package in electrical performance tests to distinguish between a good finished product and defective semiconductors in the semiconductor after-process.

ISC Elastomer Socket
A silicone rubber socket was developed by ISC for the first time in Korea and commercialized for the first time in the world. The Integrated Silicone Contactor (ISC) is composed of gold powdered conductor with silicone material.
It provides higher electrical performance and other benefits for various kinds of device testing.
It does not damage the semiconductor package due to the soft silicone material and has very thin thickness, high speed signal transfer ability, and almost no current loss.
It provides optimized solutions for all memory devices/PKG and different test environments, from the smallest pitch to normal pitch (0.2P~1.0P).
The product’s features and advantages include excellent electrical performance, causing no damage to devices and PCB pads, and is possible to apply low contact force. A ball guide function is applicable for fast & easy maintenance and it features custom design.

ISC also developed and produces Pogo Pin Socket, which is an existing test socket that is leading the future of the test socket industry worldwide. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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