Total Sealing Systems[INQ. NO. 1910E55] Daemyung TS, Ltd. provides total solutions that encompass technical review, manufacturing, delivery, local installation and tryout for sealant equipment, and visual inspection systems. Daemyung TS is providing a Total Sealing System (Structure Adhesive, Hemming, Mastic, etc.), applied for sealing process on vehicle production lines to achieve multi-purposes such as adhesion, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and soundproof, and technical support such as prevention of mass faults through real-time automated inspections, history management through data save, data centralized verification function.
While always providing the best service by optimizing the production process based on accumulated know-how, Daemyung TS is now taking on new challenges to become a global company known as Korea’s best in sealing & vision systems.

Sealant Application Equipment
This is automatic application equipment that applies sealant with entered shape by controlling the flow, pressure, and temperature of the sealant for a series of works including adhesion, soundproofing, anti-corrosion, and waterproofing for vehicles.
This equipment has a user friendly convenient interface (with fully touch screen). This can be controlled precisely with built-in servo motor. The repair and replacement can be conveniently carried out through modularization of the product. This can be applied with a booster unit that is made all-in-one with an extrude gun and booster. This is a consolidated sealing system with robot speed-control, viscosity control and precision flow control. The initial pattern control is made by initial pressure control function.
This equipment prevents raw material from hardening and reduces cycle time by maintaining proper pressure with standby pressure setting function. Among the representative equipment are: structure adhesive, hemming, mastic, etc.

Quality Inspection Vision System
This sealing vision system is a quality inspection system that determines disconnection of sealer, existence, and defective dispensing in real-time by acquiring real-time working images of sealer applied at high speed by using camera, illumination, and PC.
With the applied various illumination and inspection instruments, this system has the capacity to inspect various colors of sealer quality and to acquire wide angle shot images by utilizing two cameras.
This system has a user-friendly convenient interface with fully touch screen. This is an all-in-one control panel which is combined with sealant system and vision system. There is no effect on cycle time thanks to real-time inspection. The real-time data transfer can be made by Hivis. Users can conveniently manage the backup data in necessary situations. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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