Lithium Primary Battery[INQ. NO. 1911E12] VITZROCELL Co., Ltd., established in 1987, has specially manufactured and sold lithium primary battery (Li-SOCl2 battery) for over 30 years, and now the company is growing as the top lithium battery company in Korea and the third worldwide.
Due to its characteristics of more than 10 years of storability, 3~4 times bigger energy concentration compared to other batteries, and –55 degrees ~ +85 degrees of serviceable temperature range, the lithium primary battery is a high capacity battery being sold to the industries that require long serviceable batteries without replacement or energy, and logistics fields that require batteries serviceable even in harsh temperatures and environments.
The global market scale is worth about 7 ~8 hundred billion won and the market growth rate is increasing more than 10% every year.
Because of these characteristics, the lithium primary battery is commonly used in military radios, night vision goggles, various weapon systems including cannonballs, exploratory oil rigs, cardiac defibrillators, tracking devices, and IoT devices. Because its service life is long, although the price is higher than alkaline batteries, it is broadly adopted to the costly devices like tsunami alarms floating in the sea.
Lithium primary batteries have taken center stage in the growing Smart Grid market. Lithium primary batteries are used in the power supply of smart meters including electric meters, gas metesr, water supply meters, and heat meters. As switching to Smart Grid is progressed considerably in the USA, Europe, India, and China, its market is expending already.
More than 75% sales volume of VITZROCELL comes from exports to over 50 countries, and this overseas sales is growing constantly for the past six years with 24% of annual growth rate.
VITZROCELL now maintains its top market share in America, India, and Italy, based on a variety of product line-ups compared to its rival companies, and a workforce of over 80 engaged in R&D, a world-class automation facility and reliability testing laboratory, and extraordinary technical services, and is striving to achieve the top position in the industry by 2021. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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