Near Infrared (NIR) Si Detectors[INQ. NO. 1911E11] One of the many outstanding technologies ODTECH Co., Ltd. has developed is a capability of producing and developing a number of silicon-based detectors that are made of photodiodes that are optimized in the Near IR field with high sensitivity. It shows high sensitivity that is above the minimum of 0.45A/W in 1064nm wavelength.
Structurally, it consists of four cells – in other words, the detector (PD) is divided into four sections. Sensing the heat and controlling and maintaining temperature steadily can be performed simultaneously. What actually makes this possible is the ceramic structure of substrate. This basically enables the detector to realize the maximum level of 0.6A/W high sensitivity when and where higher sensitivity is required.
This detector is optimized in the 1064nm area and is used for laser detection, guidance, high speed photometry, Near-IR pulsed light sensor and various other applications fields with highly optimized functions. In particular in the aviation, medical, and defense industries, it is utilized as a laser detector.
ODTECH is specialized in the semiconductor and sensor businesses with 20 years of experience and know-how with its highly skilled operators and engineers. Not only focusing on the domestic market, the company has been making consistent efforts to expand its business globally, and finding potential customers and markets by being more creative and innovative.
ODTECH has been providing its silicon-based products such as bare dies, optical elements and sensors as well as LED modules to customers worldwide under the motto of “Never-ending improvement to be a world leader.” In particular with its vertically integrated R&D and production systems, ODTECH considers them important parts of practical and effective management in all respects.
More specifically, such systems help ODTECH to meet the needs of customers in various industrial sectors by providing total solutions, from bare dies to sensor modules and systems. In addition, providing all necessary raw materials such as chips from its own fab lines (wafer factories) from Korea and China enables ODTECH to more efficiently operate and manage its production processes. As a consequence, ODTECH helps its customers to gain a competitive-edge in existing or potential markets.
Furthermore, cutting-edge technology and ubiquitous production responsiveness are the key advantages that we possess in order to satisfy our world-class customers’ needs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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