Portable Smart Secondary Battery

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E28] KOREA Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched and placed over 10 types of light and eco-friendly secondary batteries on the market under its own brand ‘POWER PHOENIX’.
While each of the products has its own features depending on its capacity (Min. 4,000mAh ~ Max. 12,000mAh), design and detailed functions, they are all lightweight and safe as all of them have embedded lithium-ion batteries.
In particular, they are safe to use as they are equipped with printed circuit boards (PCB) that provide efficiency of over 90%, safety circuits to prevent overcharging, authentic chips and reliable battery cells. In addition, they are easy to carry when travelling, taking business trips or going out thanks to their slim designs. The company has also enhanced the durability by utilizing aluminum and synthetic resins and not cheap recycled plastic.
Each product can charge most digital devices through a micro USB cable. The battery power level can be checked through the LED indicator, LED segment display or Shake function (checking the remaining battery power by shaking the product) depending on the product type.
KOREA Electronics Technology has completed the certification of the battery cells embedded in each of the products at home (KC) and abroad (CE, PSE, FCC and RoHS) to gain recognition for their reliability.
Converging technologies with electronics and machines, mechanism-based smart devices and a warm-hearted global company that is continuously evolving and making challenges every day define KOREA Electronics Technology.
KOREA Electronics Technology is currently raising funds for its ‘portable sterilizer’, a UV sterilizer that can be used as a power bank and a tripod as well. By doing so, the company is planning to identify market trends and review customer responses before launching the product. After completing such studies, the company is scheduled to quickly deliver the product to those traders that would make favorable evaluations and place regular orders.
Korea Electronics Technology continues to develop itself into a respected global company with its own convergence technologies with electronics and machines and mechanism-based smart devices.

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