ShineWatch[INQ. NO. 1910E27] ShineWatch, developed by ATLab Inc., is an IT Convergence device grafting solution of ‘ShinePlus’ (a screen reader app) and ‘ShineTools’.
‘ShinePlus’ is software to help visually impaired people (including people with low vision), to conveniently use a smartphone. With the ShinePlus installed on a smartphone, the entire screen can be read by a voice and enlarged to bigger fonts.
ATLab Inc., has developed ShineWatch for visually impaired persons based on ShinePlus. ShineWatch, by itself, offers a wide range of uses even without a smartphone.
The Haptic Braille feature acknowledges time and messages with a high-quality vibration system, and outputs text messages on the six segmented screens in the proper Braille system.
Touching any object such as an icon, a menu, a list, a button, and so forth on the screen can be read aloud and displayed in a bigger font.
With various gestures, objects on the screen can be easily searched and enabled. Frequently visited sites, specific functions, or commonly used words can be designated with keyboard shortcut keys. Haptic Braille feature provides acknowledgment of text message in a silent mode. The whispering feature tones down the content into a gentle voice. A user can listen to the contents of a smartphone through remote control on all the apps and functions of the linked smartphone.
If your esteemed organization has an interest in any of our products, the company can proceed with mutually beneficial business. ATLAB is now looking for a local organization or company that has a good understanding of the life of the visually impaired and its assistive technology.
ATLAB is an assistive technology company that develops app-based solutions for the visually impaired.
ATLab is known to many of the visually impaired around the world as a company that has developed a mobile screen reader called ‘ShinePlus,’ which is a solution that reads out contents on a smartphone’s screen and magnifies them into large letters.
Based on ShinePlus, ATLAB has developed various applied products with outstanding usability and performance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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