Functional Health Devices[INQ. NO. 1912E30] Allpack Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in producing functional health devices. It develops and produces the red-clay bed for fomentation, loess ball dry foot bath and loess ball dry sitz bath using heat from the far-infrared radiation and natural red clay, which are the products that developed the wisdom of the ancient ancestors who provided warmth into modern science, and it focused on convenience of the product so that you can easily use it either at home or at work.

Loess fomentation device (AP-200, AP-400, AP-500, AP-500Q)
This product has two kinds: one for family use and the other for business use. It is developed for the user to foment the whole body, half body and part of the body (by moving the dome back and forth). The entire production process is performed manually in accordance with craftsmanship.
With a far-infrared radiation rate of 92% emitted from the loess, it is possible to eliminate colon bacillus and pyrogenic bacteria by 99.8% respectively and inhibit fungi. It is a product that can be used as a bed needing neither a fomentation device nor a cover. Made in kit form, this product is easy to install, move and store in any place.
Particularly, the AP-500 product is equipped with wheels so that it can be moved conveniently anytime, anywhere.
As it utilizes the eco-friendly natural materials, the fresh loess collected from nature and the far-infrared rays, this product demonstrates 100% purification effect, antibacterial effect, toxic removal, humidity control, deodorizing effect, far-infrared radiation, anion effect, etc. In addition, it provides your skin with various enzymes and minerals beneficial to the human body, thereby leading to healthy and active living.

Loess Ball Foot Bath
This product is hygienic and economical as it uses the loess ball as the heat transfer mechanism unlike the water foot bath. The loess ball foot bath is used conveniently in any place. While water must be discarded and the water foot bath should be cleaned after a period of time due to bacterial contamination, the loess balls have regenerative power and can be used over and over again semi-permanently. As the loess balls are non-conducting insulators, there is no danger of electric shock.
The loess ball footbath can be used without worrying about management. The loess ball dry foot bath and the loess ball versatile mattress are comfortable, relax body fatigue and are hygienic due to far-infrared rays generated from the products. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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