Smart Desk Solution Reality (AR)-Based Smart Work Production Management Support System

[INQ. NO. 1912E25] Smart desk solution is a product supporting the advancement of a smart factory (digitalization of production site) with an augmented reality (AR)-based smart work production management support system. The product works in tandem with the MES system.
By using the smart desk solution, people can do production work with wearable AR-based equipment. Wearable AR-based equipment empowers workers to check equipment, parts information, and assembly manuals in real time.
Smart desk solution synchronized with a server system monitors work orders, progress, simple facility maintenance and remote diagnosis (mentoring) among others. The solution also enables unskilled workers to work like skilled workers through its optimization for smart production with image-guide operation.
In addition, Smart desk solution reduces workers’ fatigue from repetitive work and boosts work efficiency by securing additional working radius by introducing collaborative robots that assists workers by interacting with them in real time. At the same time, the solution features a system to prevent workers from colliding and being caught in machines.
Smart desk solution contributes to the real-time monitoring of production processes and process optimization (ordering and controlling workers).
The solution enables the efficient and systematic management of scientific quality resources (raw material manpower energy, etc.).
The solution enables flexible production systems that respond appropriately to customer needs and increase environmental adaptability.
The solution can contribute to the advancement of smart factories by boosting production efficiency and enabling safe education/training at a low cost. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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