Coffee Machines[INQ. NO. 1912E26] Since its founding in 2009, Taewoo International Inc. has grown with vending machines such as coffee machines and ticket machines. It has been exporting many vending machines to the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
The company’s machines are made under a strict quality control system so there is no problem with customer failed operation.
The company has been developing and producing automatic espresso machines, and it has grown into a world-class manufacturing company by creating the high-end specialty coffee machine “VENUSTA.”
VENUSTA is the top-selling coffee machine in Korea and is currently being exported all over the world, with the brand increasingly becoming widely recognized. The company’s slogan is “Customers success is our success.”
Taewoo International has been produced many kind of coffee machines, fresh bean coffee machines, and instant coffee machines. The company’s machines are useful both for the home and a coffee shop.
Coffee shops use machines on a grander scale with large-capacity canisters so that it is convenient to sell coffee without putting roasted coffee beans in all day, and it is also a useful coffee machine for the home as it is compact and small.
With accumulated technology as well as luxurious & elegant design based on quality and philosophy, the identity of the premium coffee machine “VENUSTA LOWELL” goes well with the motto of “Best-loved family cafeteria.”
You can enjoy elegant relaxation at home with VENUSTA LOWELL regardless of time and place. Build your own family cafeteria!
Taewoo International’s coffee machine for cafeteria use can deal with all 14 kinds of coffees including Americano, Doppio, Espresso, cappuccino, Café’ Late, Lungo, Ristretto, Milk, Milk coffee, etc. Weighing 45kg, this coffee machine is available for nearly all importing countries.
Taewoo International’s coffee machines (DM200RF and HQ-RF) for home and office use are compact and have good designs to be useful in any types of homes and offices.
The DM200RF and HQ-RF models produce four kinds of coffees including Americano, Mild americano, Espresso, etc. Weighing only 10kg, they allow easy use for coffee drinkers. For electricity, they are available according to each nation’s specific conditions (Volt/Hz). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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