Supercapacitor & Hydrogen Fuel Cell[INQ. NO. 1912E27] VINATech, supercapacitors manufacturer, is headquartered in Korea and has recently expanded its plant in Vietnam to ensure stable supply to satisfy growing customer demand. Hy-Cap supercapacitors offer radial 2.7V and 3.0V single cells, 5.4V and 6.0V two-serial modules.
VINA Tech also designs and manufactures customized modules. Starting with mass-production of supercapacitors in 2005, VINATech has been mass-producing 3.0V EDLC since 2010. We have 10 years of know-how based on our 3.0V products.
VINA Tech operates an R&D Lab in Korea, where its head office is located. VINA Tech’s R&D engineers directly develop and manufacture supercapacitors’ electrodes from design to packaging, meeting international standards of ISO, IATF, UL, and RoHS.
In addition, VINATech’s supercapacitors manufactured in excellent production facilities are developed and manufactured to minimize errors based on Smart Factory technologies — applied to next generation automobiles, communication equipment, IoT, and industrial equipment of leading companies around the world.
The NEO supercapacitor series is VINA Tech’s own solution developed as an anti-wetting product and is applied to the lead type cylindrical supercapacitor from 1F to 100F.
It has already been proven in the field for many years in mass production. In addition, the newly launched VET series is a supercapacitor optimized for high temperature and high humidity conditions based on NEO technology.
The 3.8V Hybrid Lithium Capacitor VPC Series offers cost savings compared to expensive Pulse Batteries while operating over longer life and wider temperature ranges. Higher discharge current at the same size significantly reduces ESR.
VINA Tech’s products can be applied for various purposes such as power backup of industrial devices such as smart meters and servers, while driving power assists products such as motors and actuators, power backup of various systems of automobiles, RTC backup, energy harvesting, etc., in various fields.
VINA Tech is also one of the leading and most comprehensive providers of fuel cell solutions, catalyst support, Pt/C catalyst, and MEA and secured its carbon nanofiber (CNF) technology from 2002. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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