Real-time full channel 4K IP/Coaxial CCTV System[INQ. NO. 1912E01] Distributing AceCop 4K CCTV system is a blue ocean strategy of simultaneous pursuit of product differentiation and 4K(UHD, 8MP) products at affordable cost. It opens up a new market space and creates new demand by avoiding selling me-too-products. Thanks to the uniqueness of the transmission technology, the differentiation of AceCop 4K products from other megapixel HD surveillance products became obvious.
A line of AceCop 4K products features simultaneous 4K resolution real-time transmission over coaxial cable and IP, which allows more flexibility in the choice of transmission media in various environments. It enables using both the traditional CCTV system and the IP system together, taking advantage of each system.
And when it comes to the 4K system, you might hesitate — considering that 4K CCTV is still not as popular as the lower resolution cameras like 1080p ones — but the company sees it will to be sure. And it will finally be the mainstream in the security industry at a pace faster than you might think. If you get a 1080p security camera today, you will be counting the days for it to become outdated; while if you get a 4K system, you will be enjoying its added value day after day. With the 4K TV, cameras and 4K things everywhere, the market is ready for the 4K security system already.
One of the outstanding features of the AceCop 4K system has is that it enables the use of star, tree, bus and ring topologies in addition to the line topology, not only in IP Ethernet connection, but also in coaxial connection. This results in a high degree of flexibility in the planning of coaxial cabling construction. It can be installed without specialist knowledge and meets all requirements relevant to the industrial environment. You can be relieved from cabling difficulty and requests on additional camera installation as well. Adding new cameras can be achieved simply by inserting a T-connector and connecting a camera on a non-conflicting channel. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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