Global Shutter ANPR Cameras[INQ. NO. 1912E02] Thanks to the global shutter system, MICRODIGITAL’s ANPR cameras capture number plates of vehicles in clarity without a skewing and bending effect which is unavoidable in a rolling shutter system.
Furthermore, the company’s image processing technology using a 1/1.8” Sony CMOS sensor and a customized system on chip guarantees to capture images and video footage in various environments in 24/7 operation and delivers high-contrast number plates to improve ANPR software recognition accuracy.
There are four different kinds of items covering diverse applications from non reflective number plates to reflective ones, from day/night (740nm IR LED) to color image (white LED), and from speed enforcement to vehicle access control system.
The capture speed range is up to 250 km/h for a speed enforcement solution & up to 100 km/h for toll highways/parking areas and the recommended ANPR range is up to 38m for the one & 10m for the other.
Dual streaming is composed of H.264 (main & sub) & MJPEG (sub) and max. Resolution is up to 30fps@1920×1080/H.264 & 12fps@1920×1080/MJPEG. PWM (pulse–width modulation) technology presents power savings and the synchronization between the shutter speed and the LED strobe signal shows far brighter image at nighttime in real-time internal/external trigger mode which captures 1~5 fps@1920×1080.
They also support user-friendly solutions in the remote control of lens (3.6~11mm or 12~40mm motorized zoom), brightness of LEDs & silicone wiper via web. Free RTOS shows a super fast boot time and micro SD card slot provides a local storage solution up to 128GB.

They cover IP 66 rated weatherproof. A compatible integration & interoperability is made by CGI and Onvif profile S 2.40.
They are optimized for city surveillance and smart city solution contributing to speed enforcement (instant speed measurement or section speed calculation), road security/ crime prevention through vehicle identification, and vehicle access control system (toll highways, parking areas, etc.). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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