x36 HD IP IR PTZ Outdoor Camera (Model: PRB-H3600D)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912E05] Significant development was added to the conventional IP PTZ. This product features a built-in defog filter and optimizing image by FPGA, adopting its own defog algorithm. Comparison images between ordinary camera and HW & SW defog solution applied camera are shown.
It has powerful zoom capability, featuring x36 optical zoom and x12 digital zoom, excellent automatic focusing. It also has a good aperture range of F1.5~F4.8, providing bright and crisp image quality even in low light conditions.
Micro-step technology, also featured, on step angle is divided by 256. Accordingly, high accuracy as well as ultra-low sound noise (>32.5dB) can be achieved. Micro-step technology enables ultra-low speed down to 0.05˚/s.
Additionally, Triple H/W codec enables transmission of up to three independent streams with different settings to match different requirements. Weatherproof design applied, IP67, the camera ensures normal operation regardless of rain, snow or storms.

Flame Detection Hybrid IP Camera (Model: PQIB-H200FIRF)
A flame-detection sensor is merged with the conventional camera for fast verification and to quick reaction. Able to detect flame up to 35meters including small size flame, and it has 90° of FOV. It gives red and green signals to indicate the detection of flame, and it is an accurate and low-cost solution compared with other solutions on the market.
Probedigital was formed in 2007, and continuously developing and manufacturing video surveillance products. Its core confidence is IP solutions together with zoom module.
Experience of completely outdoor products where IP zoom module is applied such as positioning system, PTZ and housing camera is one of the core assets of Probedigital. It has led us to participate in a number of important projects in Korea, including military projects, Winter Olympic games stadium project, etc. The company’s goal is customer satisfaction by overcoming limitation of conventional CCTV products to provide the benefit to its clients and end users.

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