Safes & Filing Cabinets[INQ. NO. 1912E06] Safes are now a necessity.
In general, people think that safes store expensive items such as money or jewelry. These days, where privacy is respected, safes are a necessity. Safes keep a spate of things including credit cards, passports, various certificates and registration documents, and expensive artworks.
Where do people keep their valuables?
Ordinary furniture such as desk drawers or chests, are inadequate for keeping valuables.
The safes of Diplomat Safe, selected as one of the World’s Class Products of 2002, safeguarding their contents from any disasters such as earthquakes, fires or building collapse.
The safes from Diplomat Safe meets all the standards required by the KS G 4500, from the finest galvanized steel sheets, to the extremely strong fire-resistant concrete and small components. In the Korean safe industry, the safes from Diplomat Safe has acquired the KS mark for the first time, proving that they were one step ahead of other safes in quality.
They passed the fire test (NT FIRE017) of the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and obtained the P mark from the institute for the first time as an Asian company. They also obtained quality certificates such as the UL of the US, the JIS of Japan and the GOST of Russia.
Three main safe models are currently fueling the growth of Diplomat Safe a great deal.
Next is a high quality fireproof safe that features strong safety and convenience with a simple Nordic furniture design and a fingerprint lock.
Dbaum is a safe that dramatically boosts space utilization and convenience using solid walnut wood panel. iStella is a safe based on a design motif of twinkling stars.
Diplomat Safe’s management goal is to maximize customer satisfaction. Diplomat Safe will always respond to the customers with its love for customers, advanced technology, strong workmanship and perfect services. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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