Biometric Products (Fingerprint & Android-based Face Authentication)[INQ. NO. 1912E07] Trustone Global is specialized in developing and manufacturing biometrics products and since its founding in 2014, Trustone has continued to develop differentiated and segmented products to meet customers’ needs.
There are two kinds of biometrics products available, namely, fingerprint and face authentication readers.
The registration of other existing face devices can be done only when the user is directly in front of the devices.
However, the registration of innovate Trustone’s face products (FE-400 and FE-500) can be done even with employees’ ID photos, smartphone captures, and self-taken face photos.
It is based on 1: N with 1K & 5K registration. Its authentication speed is within one second, and the authentication distance is up to a maximum of three meters, allowing five users to be authenticated simultaneously.
The face program is the same as for fingerprints, meaning that the user can operate both face and fingerprint registration with the same S/W. This integrated program makes it very convenient for a user to operate the devices. There are two kinds of face devices, namely, “4” and “5” and a touch screen is used for “5.”
Trustone’s fingerprint product uses an LE sensor. Currently fingerprint algorithms are not unique and differentiated. Also, the sensor that captures fingerprint images has not been newly developed and mostly a cheap optical sensor is being used (99%).
In order to recognize damaged and fake fingerprints accurately, Trustone introduced products using an LE sensor that fully covers the fatal shortcomings of existing optical sensors.
It is a U.S. origin and FBI-certified sensor and it does not give any problems even if the LE sensor is fully exposed to direct sunlight. It also fully identifies fake fingerprints, even those made with silicone, etc. There are three kinds of fingerprint reader models available, namely, TSG-250, TSG-550 and TSG-750, and a touch screen is used for TSG-750 (“7”). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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