Cryptographic Chip[INQ. NO. 2001E02] Cryptographic chip ‘KEV7’ is an ASIC SoC (System-one-chip) targeting a data encryption for low-power & low-performance IoT devices. This chip has various powerful cryptographic functions that were developed via hardware description language. These are international standard cryptographic algorithm (secret key, public key), key exchange, key management (true random number generator, physical unclonable function), authentication, etc.
Before transporting data, your device allows making an encryption through KEV7 chip, even though your device might have very low performance. This chip works independently and does not influence a system’s resources. In short, KEV7 can enable implementation of hi-speed and stable data encryption in your device.
Established as a spin-off from the Korea Computer Holdings Incorporated, which has pioneered Korea’s financial IT since its establishment in 1974, KCS provides real-time business solutions that provide core value to customers. Through its accumulated experience and cooperation with affiliates, KCS has invested actively in the semiconductor business over the past few years and finally succeed in releasing a cryptographic SoC (system-on-chip) chip called KEV7. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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