Vulnerability Checking Tool[INQ. NO. 2001E01] Many companies mistakenly believe that mobile applications (apps) they develop and distribute are safe, but in reality most apps have vulnerabilities.
vFinder is a program that is a vulnerability checking tool that makes it easier to check for vulnerabilities in the same environment as the operating environment.
Also, vFinder can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money required for hacking your app before launch.
Moreover, vFinder makes it easy to check for vulnerabilities in mobile apps with just a few clicks from Android to iOS.
M-Secure is a security company consisting of white hackers, which are mainly developing security solutions and researching software vulnerabilities. M-Secure is a hacking security specialist with hacking, security and development.
M-Secure has both attack technology and development technology. It mainly consists of teams that mainly conduct hacking automation research, security solution development, and vulnerability research. External activities include organizing or participating in hacking contests, presenting technology at various hacking conferences, and exploring and disclosing vulnerabilities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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