Surgical LED Lights, Luvis[INQ. NO. 2002E09] Luvis — developed, produced, and sold by DENTIS Co., Ltd.— is a representative Korean-made LED astral lamp brand that is currently being exported to more than 80 nations worldwide.
DENTIS now produces a varied line-up that meets the needs of diverse medical areas requiring professionality and suitable for use in different environments – including lamps specifically for dental work, lamps for experiments and tests, small-sized lamps for operations, and medium- and large-sized lamps.
The M/L series, an initial series that gained recognition as a representative Korean-made product, ensures the world’s level of shadowless effect and product performance, following from the C series that was renowned as a leading Korean-made product for dental treatment, to the S series that is a bestseller model and enjoys steady demand in such various areas as gynecology, dermatology, zoological hospital, etc. DENTIS has plans to officially release the new ML/400 model and s300 model.
LM/L400 features premium specifications with highest-level multi-function and remote-control option. The S300 is designed to be smaller in size, well reflecting the spirit of innovatively seeking “compactness,” and thus changing people’s preconceived ideas.
Luvis, a brand highly recognized as a good design brand and a world-class product brand by Korean governmental agencies, intends to maximize the innovativeness in design and convenience through the unveiling of these new products. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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