Inclear (Disposable vaginal cleanser) healthier and refreshed with inclear by directly applying its cleansing gel of pH 4.2 ~ 4.8 into the vagina!

[INQ. NO. 2002E10] As is well known, a healthy vagina is maintained in a sub-acidic state. However, in the event of douching or using alkaline soap and body wash, vaginal flora can develop and women can be exposed to more risks to the vagina such as odor, itching, unusual discharge, or vaginal inflammation.
Therefore, the choice of the right feminine care products requires a lot of careful attention.
Wettrust confidently recommends its innovative & hygienic disposable feminine cleanser. It consists of cleansing gel and a disposable applicator. Also, the transparent sub-acid cleansing gel contains sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid.
The applicator has patented ergonomic design, with the simple use of one-push types and streamlined design that helps smooth insertion. It is registered as a medical device class 2 in Korea and Japan, and various tests have been successfully completed such as vaginal irritation tests. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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