High-Frequency Hyperthermia Equipment

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2002E11] Established in 2003, AdipoLabs Co., Ltd. has been making great efforts – including ceaseless R&D – to ease the pain of incurable patients, in order to open a new field for hyperthermia treatment.
The company recently released its latest high-frequency hyperthermia equipment called REMISSION 1˚C .
When the aimed temperature is exceeded, the automatic temperature controlling system of the equipment is activated. With six applicators of various sizes, any part of the body may be treated.
Output is controlled according to the state and diagnosis of patients.
Treatment time may be chosen according to the state of the patients in treatment. It is conveniently portable, and may be utilized in small spaces. By cooling the surface skin layer, the reflection of deep heat temperature is prevented, thereby increasing the efficiency of the heat. The emergency button of the equipment may be controlled with a single button in emergencies.
The company has been well managed to grow into a bigger company with the spirit that it is charged with a mission to help humankind be able to live healthily and happily without the pain of diseases and it will be one of the world’s best companies by working honestly.

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