Stem-Cell Extraction Kit (SmartX )[INQ. NO. 2002E12] SmartX is the world’s first kit-type medical device designed to extract the stem cells of autologous fat. This product has already acquired certifications including Korea’s 3-class MFDS, European CE-2 class (completion of registration in Germany, Spain) and is now under the process of registration for the FDA (510K) of the United States, and certification for medical devices in Russia and China.
SmartX ensures 1.5 times higher performance than other existing products in the cell yield rate. And this guarantees more than ninety percent of the cell viability. Thus, it is a product that minimizes the loss and damage of cells.
Currently, SmartX is being used in Korea in the cosmetic surgery field including thoracoplasty, breast reconstruction, and dark circle. And for use in new areas, it is now undergoing tests including for diabetic foot ulcers, systemic sclerosis digit ulcers, and knee osteoarthritis. Through this process, the product is steadily proving its effectiveness.

Dongkoo Bio&Pharma Co., Ltd. secured intellectual property rights in the United States, Japan, and Europe for the key technologies the company has developed through registering various patents overseas. The company plans to proceed with research on autoimmune diseases including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis therapy, etc., in order to lead the SVF-stem cell therapy market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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