Controller for DX Constant Temp & Humidity Unit[INQ. NO. 2004E02] A high-performance RISC micom integrates operations of various HVAC systems and controls them digitally and precisely. It handles the instructions really fast and reduces the risks with high sample rates. It also provides a digital calibration that suits the requirements of different conditions.
A 5″ LCD of 240X128 resolution supports the multilingual (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language) texts and images for users. Any operator can select from the menus by following the steps on the screen. It is as easy as your fingertips.
Like a Swiss army knife, it is a very small and strong one suitable for multiple purposes. Integrating modules of control and display makes it possible to be compact and reliable. It can be installed almost everywhere, even in small spaces, and can be applied to various HVAC systems (AHU, temperature, humidity, dehumidification, etc.). With the real-time information on the screen and simple operation as well as intelligent multifunctions, operators can handle the situations without problem and save the time, money, and efforts for maintenance.
DX140 records the important data such as trips, and traces up to 160 events. It provides the useful information for analysis and troubleshooting including history while tripped.
Small and reliable power relays are used for output signals. Digital I/O signals are completely insulated to block the signals from outside affecting the mainboard. There are safety functions in CPU. Brownout monitors the control power in real time and watchdog checks the status continuously (every 32 msec), and allows it to recover from CPU down by noise automatically.

Smart Chiller Controller

With super PID control algorithm developed by Dotech’s innovative technologies, the precise ±0.1˚C control based on auto tuning is provided at an unbelievable price. CX9230 transforms your chiller into a smart device.
Dual sensors culminated by Dotech’s temperature control technologies and expertise measure the inlet and outlet temperatures and remove the noise rapidly and elaborately.
Sensored temperatures set according to each proportion enable ideal temperature control. Like the DX Series, CX has a powerful trip data log. Up to 100 events can be traced and operators can handle the situations flexibly and precisely.

Dual-channel analog outputs(4~20mA) are for heating/cooling control and can be applied to computed heating/cooling or condenser fan control. Depending on the requirements and applications, the desired one can be selected from among the specified models. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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